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The Dark Layer is HERE

I was told I needed to do it like this, so here I go:


I’m actually very excited about this book but I’m very reserved by nature so lots of times people think I’m not excited when really I am. If I won the lottery, I’d probably be like, “Oh, really? That’s cool-one less thing.”

Don’t take my reservation as unenthusiastic-I believe in this book and think it’s pretty darn good. And it too can be yours for the low, low price of $2.99. Whatta deal. You get all my ass-busting at clearance prices.

And, it’s way different than anything else floating around out there in IndieLand. It’s not about vampires, zombies, or the apocalypse. Those things are cool but my story is different. So, if you enjoy a cool horror read that’s more psychological (although the blood runs freely) and character-driven, sample it and see if you might enjoy passing an evening or two with Annemarie, Thomas, Jackson, and the rest of the cast.

I worked very hard on this book. I hired a proofreader and worked with a pro book cover designer. There is hard work and quality in this project. So, for those who have reservations about supporting the indie community, I hope to put those fears to rest. Indies are no different than regular authors; some are hack jobs and some aren’t. Of course, I’m not perfect but nothing is.

This book is clean.

I’m thinking of running a contest with this book. I’m thinking a gift card reward might be good since it seems to motivate folks. I’ll post the details later.

Anyway, check the book out and I hope you enjoy it. If not, well, I’m sorry. You can beat me up, I guess.

Watch the face; that's how I make my livings.

Links are under the “Books” tab from the top or in the post about Carmody. I’m also still running the ASPCA deal through the end of the week, so there are still a few days left to donate to a good cause.

Take care, y’all.



For Carmody, My Best Friend

So, The Dark Layer is here.

I uploaded the book to Smashwords and it’s available only there. (EDIT: it’s available on B&N and Amazon now as well; see the Books dropdown above for direct links.) I’m working on getting it uploaded to the other places as well to appease everyone’s tastes.

Hopefully lots of people will check it out and enjoy it (including my old frenemy, “Dave Watson”).

Also, because I love money so much, I’m donating all the money from this week’s sales to the ASPCA. Every single cent. So, if you love animals, love reading, both, or neither, buy the book to support a good cause.

Sunday through this Saturday. Every sale. Every cent. Helping the critters.

Please help so they’ll stop airing those damned Sarah McLachlan commercials. I cry on cue every time.

To relieve you of some serious cash, here’s a picture of my beautiful niece with a stray kitten they rescued.

ASPCA Weekend

I don’t think a lot of people know this about me but I am a guardian with the ASPCA.

The ASPCA, for anyone unaware, is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and it’s  a pretty awesome society.  They work tirelessly toward protecting animals, getting them spayed/neutered, rescue efforts and getting abused animals out of bad situations, helping them to get healthy and hopefully find forever homes.

I am a guardian with this fine organization, which means that I donate on a monthly basis. And I’m happy to do this because I’m an animal lover.

Personally, I own four cats, two dogs, a rat and two fish. Besides the fish, which were purchases from my local store, the rat, which previously belonged to my niece (she’s a college student and caring for a rat would have been difficult with her already full schedule), and one of my dogs, Soldier, all of my pets were either strays, rescues or shelter pets. Soldier was different because he was a gift for my husband from a long time ago (so long that it was before I came along, as a fact) and had he been with me at the time, I wouldn’t have liked the fact that he came from a place other than a shelter.

I love all my animals and take care of them as though they are children. A lot of animal lovers are like this. One of my “kids” requires daily medication for seizures. Last year I had to put one down because she went into kidney failure. In some way, I’m still in mourning over her; she’d been my best friend since I was a teenager. She was given to me by a neighbor with a two year old that used her as a toy and didn’t appreciate how small and delicate she was. I often wear a picture of her around my neck in a heart locket. Her name was Spirit and she was mine for about 15 years-almost half my life.

And I don’t tell you this to gain sympathy or attention, I do it because there is a magnitude to which I love them. A line I’m willing to cross and a certain amount of sacrifice I’ll make for them. There are too many people out there that buy a pet and then the pet becomes an inconvenience. Maybe something happened to your life, good or bad, and now suddenly a pet is more of a problem than a family member. When I decide to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet, that pet is mine until the day they die. No joke. I don’t care WHAT happens in my life-our relationship is forever. That’s the way it should be.

So, anyway, for this weekend and occasionally throughout the lifetime of my publishing career, I will be donating the proceeds of the sale of my book, “Learning To Fly” to the ASPCA. If you know animal lovers, please pass this on. If you love animals but don’t like the genre, buy the book and know that you’re supporting a worthy cause. It’s only a dollar! And whatever I profit this weekend will go toward the care of an animal in need.

I look forward to having a productive relationship with this charity for a long time. Help me out with that one!

In case you’re new, you can purchase the book by using the links at the top right of the site. Any questions? Ask.

Thank you,


Edit: Thanks to everyone who purchased a book to help the ASPCA! I will definitely do this again very soon.