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Upcoming Projects

Dark Layer Delayed

Hello Everyone,

I need to blog a little bit about The Dark Layer, an upcoming book of mine that’s being worked on.

Originally, this book was slated for a May 2011 release. While working diligently to ensure such a date, a window of opportunity opened up to me that I definitely do not want to miss. I have the opportunity to work with a proofreader, a very good proofreader that has worked with JA Konrath, however, she doesn’t have an opening until October. And rather than releasing an inferior product and welcoming bad reviews, I’m putting The Dark Layer on hold until she has a chance to look at it. This will not only ensure a better story but it also gives me time to work on my new horror/sci-fi series called The Other Sky. Book 1-Earth is pouring out of me and I hope readers will like reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

The cover for The Dark Layer is being worked on by a very talented man. If you’re seeking a professional cover for your book, go here:

There is a chance that the book could be looked at sooner but this is not to be counted upon.

So, unless something changes (and I will be sure to announce it if that should happen) expect the book to have a fall 2011 release.

If I can, in the interim, I may release some short stories to tide everyone over until then. Let’s hope time allows this.

Take care everyone and happy reading,


As Of Late

It’s been a while since I blogged so I thought I’d entertain a few people by giving them the skinny of my latest activities.

The writing is going well! The new book is coming along wonderfully and editing The Dark Layer is also moving along. Dark Layer should be ready by sometime in May but I don’t want to jinx it and give a date. I’m very superstitious.

If you want to know more about The Dark Layer, check out the menu at the above right corner of the screen.

Also, I’m meeting with a Cincinnati Scribbler tomorrow for a (much needed) bullshit session.

On the personal front, my mom is no longer in MVH. She’s been moved to a long-term care facility and has been working on gaining weight and getting her lungs to the point to where she can breathe without a vent. She’s doing very well there. Last weekend when I went to visit, she was able to talk (for the first time since January) and everything out of her mouth was a complaint! That means she’s feeling better.

There are a few other things going on that I’ll be happy to tell everyone about when the time comes!

Looking forward to the Kentucky Writer’s Conference this weekend and seeing my friend, Ricki Schultz!

Take care everyone!


Barnes and Noble $100 Gift Card Contest

So, to promote the site and the release of my book, Learning To Fly, I’m going to have a contest for a $100 gift card for Barnes and Noble. I’m still working through the details but I will be sure to let everyone know when the whole she-bang has been hammered out. $100 will buy a lot of books.  Knowing me, I like to keep things simple so the most likely method will be drawings names of random commenters that have purchased the book.

Stay tuned for more details!

Edit: Okay, so here are the rules. The book drops on April Fools Day. Buy the book and then come back here to the website and leave a comment, particularly one that lets me know you’ve bought the book (try to be specific on a detail or two). The contest is going to run from April 1st until April 7th, and on the 7th I will draw a name from one of the commenters. The name I draw is the winner of the GC. I will announce the winner on the blog as well as get in touch with the winner personally.

Edit #2 – I have extended the deadline. The contest will now end on April 15-two weeks after its beginning.

Any questions? Ask.

Good luck everyone.

Cover Art for Learning To Fly

Hey everyone,

This looks to be the final cut on the cover art for “Learning To Fly”. I think it turned out all right and it especially looks good in black and white, which is how it will mostly be viewed. Take a look and let me know what y’all think:

April Fool’s Day

This day has long been known as a day to fool people.  A day for pranks, tricks, and up-to-no-good-ness. A day of fun, depending on whether you’re the tricker or the trickee.

This April Fool’s Day, 4/1/11, I shall ask myself; am I the tricker or the trickee?

I’m planning on releasing my first e-book, “Learning To Fly” on April 1st. I’ve been working my tail off for the past couple of months trying to get it ready. Working on getting the stories together, finding and getting a cover developed, ways to market it, and other aspects as well. This whole venture has left me both educated and exhausted.

Writing e-books sounds easy. But when you’re trying to do it right, it’s not.

It’s hard.

With that being said, if you wish, subscribe to this blog if you want to be in the know about what’s going on with my book. This is a brand new experience to me and I’d like to have some people along for the ride, if I can. Hopefully, it’ll be a long and smooth ride.

Take care everyone.