Gina Penn, unabridged.



World Fantasy Convention. Columbus, Ohio.



I will be attending Marcon in Columbus, Ohio not as a guest but simply as a patron enjoying a con.

For details, check out their website here:



I will be attending the World Fantasy Convention (for the second time) and in 2012 it’s in Toronto!

For details, check out their website:

November 2011:

Next month I will be attending a local event for artists. Very much looking forward to this! I was asked to be a guest, so I need to order bookmarks and print fliers to prepare for my booth. So excited! Hope to see some locals there!

I’ve been invited to speak at a local class for Cincinnati Authors. Totally excited for this!

October 2011:

I am participating in the Coffinhop for the month of October. I’m going to have a giveaway but I’m not sure what I’ll be giving away just yet. Details to soon follow.

September 2011:

Barring the inevitable zombie apocalypse or worldwide Captain Trips superflu, I’ll be attending the Hampton Roads Writers Conference for a weekend of book-gabbing, seminar-taking, agent-meeting, and the usual author debauchery that typically takes place. I’ll be meeting up with folks I already know like the fabulous Ricki Schultz, Chuck Sambuchino, and Marisa Corvisiero, agent extraordinaire. Will it live up to the intense fun that was had at the World Horror Convention in Austin? Only time will tell.

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