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The CoffinHop

I’m participating in the CoffinHop¬†and here are the prizes for my blog:

This week anyone who comments on any given blog on my website, will be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card or $25 Barnes and Noble Gift Card, whichever you prefer.

Second Prize is $10 Amazon Gift Card or B&N, again, whichever.

More comments, more entries, so comment often!

Please remember to include some way for me to get ahold of you in case you’ve won.

Winners will be contacted by Nov 1st.

Good luck.

The 4-1-1

I’m blogging for a few reasons tonight.

My short story collection, Learning To Fly, is now available on Smashwords and Nook.

Kindle, Sony and the iBookstore are pending and should be up before long. Kindle is taking a little longer because of a mistake but it should be fixed pretty soon. If you have a Smashwords account or own a Barnes and Noble Nook, and are bored and have an evening or two to kill, take a look at the book. You’ll burn through it in an evening or two and then feel pretty good for finishing a book so fast.

Smashwords link:

Barnes and Noble:

Edit: It’s now available for Kindle as well:

Also, please don’t forget about my Barnes and Noble Gift Card Contest that starts this Friday!

If you do purchase the book, read it and enjoy it, please be kind enough to leave a review. It helps the comfort level of other customers.

Thanks so much to everyone that’s bought the book for your support and encouragement. It moves mountains, believe me.